Edd & Beth

I recently had the pleasure of shooting at Rowton Castle. Edd and Beth’s wedding was a great day with some brilliant photographic opportunities (check out the harley about half way through)!

See a few of my faves below. To see more of my work go to my portfolio site here…

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I booked you – What now??

Just a quick post to let potential clients know what happens after they’ve booked me…

OK, so we’ve met up for a drink or coffee if I’m in London, or via skype if I’m abroad. You’ve looked around my website and loved the images and decided to book me…

What now?

Well, it’s really very straightforward. I ask very little of you. I send you a link to an online form that’s part of my website. You fill in as many details as you can. They are just questions about your wedding day, such as who the best man and maid of honour are, the addresses for the ceremony and reception… you get the idea. Once you have done that I send you a PDF of the official estimate (which we will have already agreed). You just need to sign it and send it back to me in the mail. That’s it. I am now booked and you have sorted out your wedding photographer. Tick!

Of course, we will keep in touch as regularly as you would like. I will always be in touch as the wedding gets closer to check that nothing has changed, and if it’s a destination wedding, double check re transport, accommodation and logistics. You can also email me as often as you like to check everything is ok ;)

It’s as simple as that. I’ll do a blog post next on what happens after you wedding had been and gone… stay tuned

Much Love

Mark x

Albums with Folio Albums


So we’ve recently decided to start using a company called Folio Albums for getting our albums printed. We don’t generally do any printing ourselves as it’s way too time consuming. Many of our customers prefer to get their own prints and albums done as we provide them with the original full resolution files, but for those who want something really special, we offer the service via folio albums. You can check them out here…

The quality is amazing and they only accept work from professional photographers, which means they really know what to do with professional images and how to get the best from them.

If you would like a price list for our albums then feel free to get in touch. It;s an additional service and can be ordered after our photography has been delivered.

In a good mood today! The next person to enquire through the website will be offered a 30% discount! You could save around £360!!

A Westminster Wedding

We recently shot a beautiful wedding that took place at Westminster Abbey. It’s not everyday as a photographer that you get to photograph in such an epic venue. I loved some of the images that I took there. I’ve posted a random few on the blog here but if you would like to see more then please take a look on the website… http://marktaylorweddings.com/Laura-and-Adam/1/

Added loads of new stuff to the website.. Check it out! Click Here :)

The Nikon D3s for Weddings

I’ve been using the Nikon D3s for around a year now as my primary stills camera for weddings. I also use a Nikon D800 for formal shots (high resolution) and Video (excellent video output) and the Fuji X-Pro 1 for when discretion is key, but in terms of speed, durability, ergonomics and low light capability, you can’t really beat the Nikon D3s. I’m not a camera reviewer, but below are a few reasons I love it:


It shoots at 9fps, which is perfect for the critical moments. If you keep your finger on the shutter release for the moment of the kiss, then you will certainly get the right (perfect image).


Before getting this camera I always set my exposure manually (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO). I always found that i could produce better results than the cameras automatic metering would. But with this camera, the metering and way it deals with light are so spot on that I often shoot in Aperture Priority Mode and set the ISO to Auto. The camera does a lot more of the work and allows me to concentrate on framing.

Battery Life:

I can shoot an entire wedding on one battery. Enough said.

Low Light Performance:

The images are usable up to ISO12800, which makes this camera so useful for weddings. Usually no thought is given to photography when the night time venue is set-up and the DJ is playing. Understandably people want it dark and atmospheric. But i refuse to use a flash. I hate the look of flashes. But with this camera I’m able to get usable images in terrible low light situations.

Please feel free to email me and ask any questions you have about this camera and how it relates to wedding photography. I’ll be happy to share my experiences.

Welome to Mark Taylor Weddings 2.0

Welcome to the new blog over at Mark Taylor Weddings. We’ve totally re-vamped the portfolio site, put loads of new work up there from many of our weddings and made it easier to navigate and hopefully nicer to look at! We would love you to go and look at the new site over at http://www.marktaylorweddings.com and let us know what you think.

We are currently booking weddings right through 2014. We are starting to get fairly booked up, especially on Saturdays, but do send us an email via the contact page on the website and hopefully we will be able to accommodate you!

Please do follow this blog if you are a potential bride / groom to be. We will be posting new wedding images regularly. Also, if you are a newish photographer, then please follow along as we will also be reviewing gear, sharing our methods trying to pass on a bit of knowledge! See you there :)